Dorian is an artist who produces hyper-realistic oil portrait paintings. He has been commissioned to paint pieces destined to prestigious private collectors such as the Romanian Royal Family, the BBC TV Series “Cradle to Grave”.

His work has been exhibited in exhibitions such as the Royal Scottish Academy Open 2018, or the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, winning the L. Cornelissen & Son Prize in 2017.

Dorian’s work revolves around the concept of identity. Each painting studies the character of the model, trying to reach beyond the “mask”.

Most of the times, when posing for portraits, models tend to sit in a way in which they intend to be perceived by the outside eye.

However, instead of replicating that rather formal appearance, successful portraits capture the “in- between” moments of relaxation when the models unintentionally expose their true self. Once that genuine aura is captured by the artist, it becomes a defining feature that adds to the conceptual value of the portrait.

As an artist, Dorian enjoys asking questions, transforming his pieces into small riddles. While at first sight his paintings seem nothing but accurate replicas of reality, the identities of the pensive faces that appear on canvas are concealed behind small hints, ranging from the titling of the pieces, to the gazes of the models and the context surrounding them.

Each element is always included for a reason, acting as a brick that helps building and reshaping the overall story of the painting.

Dorian’s art is at a junction between traditional and contemporary principles, as the main aim is to bring back the aesthetics and criteria of traditional portrait painting and also identify the role of portraiture in contemporary art, as the artist juggles with the limitless meanings and purposes of the human figure.