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- Via ZOOM - 

           This series of lessons is created to simulate a similar environment to the long term mentorship program of Old Masters with their discipols. These are not just formal lessons, but rather painting sessions where the teaching artist will cover different aspects that are not usually discussed or presented in formal painting lessons, all while working towards final portrait paintings.


           The subjects that will be used are tailored in such a way so students are taken through all steps of portrait painting and will tackle various challenges, which will increase progressively when it comes to the level of difficulty. Groups are kept limited, so each of the students can make the most of the session and also get personalised feedback at the end of each lesson. 


           You probably have noticed that while painting, there are questions you would like to ask and different aspects that would be ideal to be made clear by a professional...Did you ever ask yourself "what if I had someone next to me right now for an advice"?  Well that is exactly how this programme is intended for. Sometimes, just being presented with the general information on how the painting process works in ideal conditions is not enough.


            Sometimes, apparently small things like knowing how to position the brush against the canvas (for example) can prove to be a huge leap forward in one's endurance and progress while painting. The actual application of the paint on the canvas is merely a small part of the process. Aspects that are as important are to create the right workflow and to master the steps towards a final piece, starting from planning, preparation and all the way towards the final touches. So whether you are a total novice or really advanced painting in oils, you might find multiple benefits giving it a try,!

Join The Online Course

Available group:
-Every Tuesday at 11 AM (UK Time)

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a reminder one week before and the Zoom link via E-mail 1 hour before the event

Portrait painting online lessons - Group



 Weekly group lessons via Zoom,  where you will be able to work on all aspects and stages of portrait painting, under Dorian's guidance, while getting feedback in real time.

First lesson free, then only £60 (GBP) per month - 4 lessons, 8 hours in total every month


Portrait painting online lessons - One to one


Develop your skills in the art of portrait painting one to one with Dorian via Zoom, within a process tailored specifically around your needs, preferences, purpose and requirements.

£50 (GBP)/ hour



  • Weekly painting lessons from home (via Zoom)

  • Live feedback from the artist

  • Access to personalised tips for each student

  • All lessons are recorded strictly for your own reference

  • Lifetime access to recorded lessons

  • Specific advice and tutoring depending on level

  • Monthly critiques

  • Personalised homework on demand

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